The Street To School-STS Gharibabad Drop-in Center will remain closed on account of Eid Ul Azha holidays from 21st Aug - 26th Aug 2018. And will reopen on Monday, 27th of August 2018. Eid Mubarak and have nice holidays.                    

About O4E

Open For Everyone Welfare Organization O4E is a nongovernmental organization registered with the Social Welfare Department of Sindh under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961 having registration number DSW(S)2015. Open for everyone provides a platform to the underprivileged to rewrite their fate. We offer them the opportunities they did not have before. We welcome everyone despite their cast, creed, colour or religion. Our journey started from a trash dump school catering only five pupils back in 2014. Our hard work and community’s positive response made us able to add more students, hire teachers, move to better place, provide more facilities and serve community better. Our current projects include:


  • 1- Street To School (STS)
  • 2- ADINS (Adults in School)
  • 3- Street Deeds
  • 4- WTS (Welcome to School)
  • 5- Rangeen

CEO Message

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and believing in our mission. Our core values of service delivery in all the projects of Open for Everyone (O4E) Welfare Organization are to serve the people with dignity, providing equal opportunities to all and to maintain high quality standard of service delivery at centers. We all are working hard to improve our services day by day, for which we have opted staff training programs, developed up to date curriculum, created policies that help us in achieving our desired goals and built multipurpose center to run all the projects under one roof. Our main aim is to strengthen and empower the community through education and provide the solutions to generate income, so that the upcoming generation can have better and secure future. By the grace of Allah, in the all challenges and hurdles we are continuously growing and it has been made possible with all your appreciation and support. O4E will keep moving forward & never set back, I and everyone at O4E request your continued and ongoing support in our mission. Feel free to contact me or anyone from our staff at any time for assistance. Thank You!

Muhammad Hassan Ghoghari
Founder, President, CEO

Mission Vision Values

  • Mission

Set a stage full of opportunities for the inopportune.

  • Vision

To provide education, awareness and assistance to the underprivileged to equip them for brighter future.

  • Values

  1. To serve the people with dignity
  2. Provide equal opportunities to all
  3. Maintain high quality standard of service deliver

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Drop-in centre

Our first drop-in centre is situated in Gharibabad, District Central, Karachi. Gharibabad (Poor’s settlement) is a densely populated, multicultural, multilingual, Muslim neighbourhood. People from different regions in the country have settled here. Major ethnic groups are Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Saraiki. Majority of the population is poor, some even extremely poor. They work on daily wages. Their occupations include car painting,car repairing, welding, carpentry, shepherds, goatherds, milkmen and the alike. Women stay at home and men go to work. Youth either spends whole day playing Snooker, Carom and Cards for gambling or stay unconscious by taking drugs. Infants play outside their homes on streets and in trash dumps. Rate of early marriages, number of children per woman and divorces are all high. Illiteracy and ignorance is destroying generations. All such factors encouraged our CEO Mr. Muhammad HassanGhoghari to come up with idea of O4E. Setting our first drop-in centre at such a locality was a difficult task. We did it because this was the place that needed it most. Today, we are running our all five projects in Gharibabad and have a positive response from the public.

Our History

Our journey began back in 2014. We daily saw a number of children wasting their lives playing in streets whole day. Their parents either do not have education in their priority list or do not have enough resources.

On 25th June 2014 we cleaned up a KachraKundi (trash dump) near Mina Bazaar, Gharibabad and invited the children playing on the streets to join us and learn something new. That's how STS, the first project of O4E, started. Initially we just had 5 students in our KachraKundischool. Soon the number began to grow. We noticed a positive response from the public. Within two weeks we were able to cover our place with metal sheets. By the end of our first month, the number of students quadrupled reaching to 20.

Our team spent a lot of time with the students to know them better. We celebrated our independence day with them. We played together the local games like Dabbu, Patti and PakramPakrai. We also had storytelling sessions. We realised these students can contribute to Pakistan positivity only if they are educated properly.

We submitted our idea for Street to School in the Charter For Compassion | Pakistan's Ramadan Challenge. Our project received a lot of appreciation and we won the third prize.
This was the time to include female students. We wanted to admit female students from the beginning but could not do it. Our setup was in the open space and parents were reluctant to send their daughters. We expanded our project. Constructed a metal sheet school in a ground nearby. Our initiative was warmly welcomed by the community.
Until February 2015, O4E team was teaching children ourselves which was becoming difficult now because of the growing number of students. We hired 2 teachers in February and also distributed books among students. It helped us improve the quality of education.
Some people tried to stop us. They threw garbage and stones in our school. Addicts also tried to hijack our place. Thankfully, our commitment towards community development made us survive.
The number of students enrolled reached 50 by March 2015 and it on  increasing.
In April 2015 we were able to get 100 children enrolled in different schools for formal education. This was our first successful round of Street to School. All the expenses of students enrolled in schools were paid for.
We observed that the parents of our students at STS were now feeling deprived. They also wanted to be educated but lacked the resources. We appreciated their willingness to learn and provided them the opportunity to improve their standard of living.
In May 2015, we launched our ADINS project. It proved much fruitful for the people who were previously facing great difficulties in managing money matters.
This year we submitted our second project in the Charter For Compassion | Pakistan's Ramadan Challenge. ADINS was awarded the 2nd prize. 
All was well until the heat wave struck Karachi in June 2015. We had to announce summer vacation for two months.
August was the best to reunite. We arranged a huge Independence Day ceremony and invited whole community. The response was overwhelming. Whole community appreciated our efforts and pledged their support.
Some people approached us for Zakat in Ramadan with which we established a separate fund for Street Deeds; our third project. It is focused on helping community members at difficult times. We have allocated the fund proportionately into the three categories. Income generation, healthcare and others.
We arranged a rented place for Street to School to provide children with better facilities. It enabled us to classify children into Montessori, Kindergarten and a Special Class for children who have crossed the age of pre-primary.
Open for Everyone is a continuous journey of opening new avenues of opportunity for the less fortunate ones to change their fate.


Muhammad Hassan Ghoghari
Founder, President, CEO