Sponsor Hussain
جس نے (کسی کو) علم سکھایا تو اس کے لیے اس کا اجروثواب ہے جو اس پر عمل کرے (اور) عمل کرنے والے کے اجروثواب سے (بھی) کمی نہیں ہوگی۔ (ابن ماجہ عن معاذ بن انس ؓ )
So come forward and sponsor a HUSSAIN in 950/month for her education, this will be a sadqa-e-jariah for you and your parents. Visit our school, check our services and then donate us. Education is the movement from darkness to light. For details & contact:
Serve the people with dignity
Dignity is a fundamentally social phenomenon that arises through interaction, and therefore it depends on a mix of both independence and interdependence. It involves recognition and trust, as well as autonomy and self-mastery. In dignified work relations, people carefully avoid taking advantage of the inherent vulnerability of the employment relationship and power differentials in organizations.
Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that we serve people with unconditional dignity.
Maintain High Quality Standard of Service
For many years, the name Open for Everyone has been synonymous with high-quality service and we make every effort that it remains the way it is and even better in the coming years.
Provide Equal Opportunities to All
We make every effort that our services are available to every citizen of Pakistan regardless of any discrimination factor, therefore, we are proud to say that we provide services free of any discrimination.