Adults in School


Adults in School (ADINS) caters people who have crossed the schooling age but have not been fortunate enough to attend a school. We observed that the parents of our students at STS were now feeling deprived. They also wanted to be educated but lacked the required resources. We appreciated their willingness to learn and provided them the opportunity to improve their standard of living.


ADINS won 2nd prize in Ramadan Challenge conducted by Charter For Compassion Pakistan.

In May 2015, we launched our ADINS project. We started with women because when you educate a woman, you educate a generation. It was challenging to encourage females to come out of their houses for something the male members of their family would not favour. We had to conduct a series of public meetings to make this happen.

Later on, we also started separate classes for men. It proved much fruitful for the professionals like Electricians and Plumbers who were previously facing great difficulties in managing money matters.

ADINS focuses on three aspects of life. Basic education is the foremost one.We teach them what they have missed much, the 3areas, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We teach both English and Urdu along with arithmetic because Pakistan is a multilingual country.

Next is to make them able to have a sustainable livelihood. We have regular sessions on entrepreneurship. Our trainers guide them how they can establish their own small businesses and how they can profit from them. We not only guide them but also provide them financial assistance under our project of “Street Deeds”. We have helped two of our students to setup general stores and a female student to buy a sewing machine to generate living from home.

Third one is parenting. The way they would raise their children would have lasting impact on generations to come. We have regular classes on parenting skills. We guide them in building healthy parent-children relationships. Our trainers teach them to fulfill their children’sphysical,emotional, social, financial, and intellectual needs better. We occasionally have class discussions to learn about the problems they are facing regarding their children and subsequent counseling sessions to resolve them. These sessions are helpful in reducing the population of street children in the area.

Students’ Reaction

“Education is my right and my age won’t decide whether I should get it or not.” - Saima

“I'm really happy to learn new things from these people. They are very cooperative and friendly. I will try my best to complete my studies.” - Shakra

“I studied till 5th standard and was forced to get marry. I've three kids but still I want to explore new things. For that reason I'm part of ADINS.” -Hina

“Thank you for all the things you have done for us.” - NajmaBai .