Street To School-STS


Street To School (STS)

Street To School (STS) is a pioneer program of Open For Everyone (O4E) Welfare Organization and winning project of Charter For Compassion | Pakistan. STS is an opportunity for the street children to have brighter futures. It focuses on the children who otherwise play on streets whole day after their parents went to work.  These children are vulnerable to a number of diseases as well as societal ills. STS is striving to provide them quality preschool education so that they can be enrolled into a school to join the formal education system. Currently, STS have fully functional A Baby’s Club (ABC), Montessori and Kindergarten sections with around 30 students each...
We also have a “Basic Primary Class (BPC)” for children who have crossed the age of school but have not been in a school before. Here we make them able to join their age group.
STS attends to each child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. We have properly divided our six day week into academic, sports and recreational activities.
We focus on the 3 areas of preschool education that are Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. As Pakistan is a multilingual country, we teach both English and Urdu along with arithmetic.
After education, health is our next priority. Every week we have a lesson of basic hygiene, sanitation and health issues.
Sports are an integral part of a healthy living. At STS, we have a weekly period of 45 minutes of sports in which we encourage other children of the area to join our students. It helps our students build their communication, team making and leadership abilities.
STS deals with the poverty stricken, deprived and uncared-for children. We keep ourselves aware of the tough times each child is going through. It helps us in helping him or her. For this, we regularly have counseling sessions; for children, for their families and for the community. STS also works on rehabilitation of our students who have been addicts or have suffered some trauma. We also arrange awareness campaigns for drug control, health, environmental and other social issues.